Cary Keno Cleared; His Accuser Pays Up
August 21, 1999

Former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Cary Keno collected a “substantial amount” from a man whose “web of lies” led to Keno being indicted for extortion (but later cleared).

Keno dropped his lawsuit plans against Juliano Jeyamo – the man who falsely accused Keno – in exchange for Jeyamo’s admission of the scheme, and a confidential settlement agreement.

“That man did maliciously and willfully weave a tangled web of lies that caused Mr. Keno to be wrongfully indicted for extortion,” commented a juror after a recent trial.

Cary Keno decided not to seek re-election to his city post in 1997.  Six others, including Tim Smith, then sought the vacant position by running for it in the municipal election of ’97.

It was revealed that Jeyamo was a disgruntled former neighbor of Smith’s, who held a long-standing grudge and hatched a plot to knock Smith out of the race.  Said Jeyamo, “I didn’t want him to get elected.”

Under oath, Jeyamo confessed to his long laundry list of lies, “I made it all up,” he testified. Keno then fell victim to Jeyamo’s false accusations. “Since Cary Keno was the Commissioner at the time, I thought it would be easy to blame him,” Jeyamo later admitted.

“That was a devilish act he did, but good triumphs over evil,” said Keno.  “Though I’ve received a substantial amount for having my good name smeared and now cleared, I plan on giving it away to good causes … it’s like blood money and I don’t want to profit from this misery,” Keno concluded.

Sources: Media Reports
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